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The Autobiography Of A Horse, With Fifty Illustrations.

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THE ELECTION.                                  169
On the morning before the election, Jerry was putting me into the shafts, when Dolly came into the yard sob­bing and crying, with her little blue frock and white pina­fore spattered all over with mud.
" Why, Dolly, what is the matter?"
" Those naughty boys," she sobbed, " have thrown the dirt all over me, and called me a little raga—raga-----"
"The Election."
" They called her a little ' blue ' ragamuffin, father," said Harry, who ran in looking very angry; " but I have given it to them; they won't insult my sister again. I have given them a thrashing they will remember; a set of cowardly, rascally ' orange' blackguards !"
Jerry kissed the child and said," Run in to mother, my pet, and tell her I think you had better stay at home to­day and help her."
Then turning gravely to Harry—
" My boy, I hope you will always defend your sister, and give anybody who insults her a good thrashing— that is as it should be ; but mind, I won't have any elec­tion blackguarding on my premises. There are as many
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