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The Autobiography Of A Horse, With Fifty Illustrations.

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170                                 BLA CK BEAUTY.
1 blue' blackguards as there are' orange,* and as many white as there are purple, or any other color, and I won't have any of my family mixed up with it. Even women and children are ready to quarrel for the sake of a color, and not one in ten of them knows what it is about."
" Why, father, I thought blue was for Liberty."
" My boy, Liberty does not come from colors, they only show party; and all the liberty you can get out of them is liberty to get drunk at other people's expense, liberty to ride to the poll in a dirty old cab, liberty to abuse any one that does not wear your color, and to shout yourself hoarse at what you only half understand—that's your liberty!"
" Oh, father, you are laughing."
" No, Harry, I am serious, and I am ashamed to see how men go on that ought to know better. An election is a very serious thing; at least it ought to be, and every man ought to vote according to his conscience, and let his neighbor do the same."
At last came the election day; there was no lack of work for Jerry and me. First came a stout, puffy gentle­man with a carpet-bag; he wanted to go to the Bishopsgato Station; then we were called by a party who wished to be taken to the Regent's Park; and next we were wanted in a side-street, where a timid, anxious old lady was wait­ing to be taken to the bank; there we had to stop to take her back again, and just as we had set her down a red-faced gentleman with a handful of papers, came runnning
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