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The Autobiography Of A Horse, With Fifty Illustrations.

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JERRY'S NEW YEAR.                              183
" Who lives at Fairstowe, Harry ? Mother has got a let­ter from Fairstowe; she seemed so glad, and ran upstairs to father with it."
" Don't you know ? Why, it is the name of Mrs. Fow­ler's place—mother's old mistress, you know—the lady that father met last summer, who sent you and me five shillings each."
" Oh I Mrs. Fowler; of course I know about her; I won­der what she is writing to mother about."
" Mother wrote to her last week," said Harry; " you know she told father if ever he gave up the cab work she would like to know. I wonder what she says; run in and see, Dolly."
Harry scrubbed away at Hotspur with a huish I huish! like any old ostler. In a few minutes Dolly came dancing into the stable.
"Oh! Harry, there never was anything so beautiful; Mrs. Fowler says we are all to go and live near her. There is a cottage now empty that will just suit us, with a gar­den and a hen-house and apple-trees, and everything! and her coachman is going away in the spring, and then she will want father in his place; and there are good families round, where you can get a place in the garden, or the stable, or as a page boy; and there's a good school for me; and mother is laughing and crying by turns, and father does look so happy!"
"That's uncommon jolly," said Harry, "and just the right thing, I should say; it will suit father and mother both; but I don't intend to be a page boy with tight clothes and rows of buttons. I'll be a groom or a gardener."
It was quickly settled that as soon as Jerry was well enough, they should remove to the country, and that the cab and horses should be sold as soon as possible.
This was heavy news for me, for I was not young now, and could not look for any improvement in my condition. Since I left Birtwick I had never been so happy as with
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