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The Autobiography Of A Horse, With Fifty Illustrations.

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you will do fairly by him, young man; if he is not as safe as any horse you ever drove, send him back."
I was led to my new home, placed in a comfortable stable, fed, and left to myself. The next day, when my groom was cleaning my face, he said,—
"That is just like the star that 'Black Beauty' had; he is much the same height, too; I wonder where he is now?"
A little further on he came to the place in my neck where I was bled, and where a little knot was left in the skin. He almost started, and began to look me over care­fully, talking to himself.
"White star in the forehead, one white foot on the off side, this little knot just in that place;" then looking at the middle of my back—" and as I am alive, there is that little patch of white hair that John used to call' Beauty's three­penny bit.' It must be ' Black Beauty 1' Why, Beauty I Beauty! do you know me? little Joe Green, that almost killed you ?" And he began patting and patting me as if he was quite overjoyed.
I could not say that I remembered him, for now he was a fine grown young fellow, with black whiskers and a man's voice, but I was sure he knew me, and that he was Joe Green, and I was very glad. I put my nose up to him and tried to say that we were friends. I never saw a man so pleased.
" Give you a fair trial! I should think so indeed! I wonder who the rascal was that broke your knees, my old Beauty! You must have been badly served out some­where. Well, well, it won't be my fault if you haven't good times of it now. I wish John Manly was here to see you."
In the afternoon I was put into a low Park chair and brought to the door. Miss Ellen was going to try me, and Green went with her. I soon found that she was a good driver, and she seemed pleased with my paces. I heard
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