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A calendar of the traditional customs, practices & rituals of the British Isles.

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In presenting the following pages to the Public I do not lay claim to any originality, my object simply having been to collect together, into a readable and condensed form, from various sources within my reach, accounts of Customs which, if not already obso­lete, are quickly becoming so.
With regard to the general plan of the book, it speaks for itself. It should, however, be stated that the movable feasts are placed under the earliest days on which they can fall.
In conclusion, I would only add that I am much indebted to Mr. James Britten, of the Br1sth Museum, for the valuable help and suggestions which he has given me whilst passing the proof-sheets through the Press.
T. F. Thiselton Dyer.
September 15th, 1875.
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