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Feb. 2.1
In the neighbourhood of Bridestow, Okehampton, the children go round to the different houses in the parish on the Monday before Shrove Tuesday, generally by twos and threes, and chant the following verses, by way of extracting from the inmates sundry contributions of eggs, flour, butter, halfpence, &c, to furnish out the Tuesday's feast;
" Lent Crock, give a pancake, Or a fritter, for my labour, Or a dish of flour, or a piece of bread, Or what you please to render. I see, by the latch, There's something to catch; I see, by the string, There's a good dame within. Trap, trapping throw, Give me my mumps, and 111 be go" (gone).
The above is the most popular version, and the one indigenous to the place; but there is another set, which was introduced some years ago by a late schoolmistress, who was a native of another part of the country, where her version was customary:
' Shrovetide is nigh at hand, And we are come a-shroving; Pray, Dame, give something, An apple, or a dumpling, Or a piece of crumple cheese, Of your own making, Or a piece of pancake. Trip, trapping throw; Give me my mumps, and I'll be go."
This custom existed also in the neighbourhood of Salis­bury.—N. & Q. 1st S. vol. v. p. 77. Pop. Antiq. 1849, vol. i. p. 62.
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