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74                                        SHROVE TUESDAY.                            [FEB. 3.
Brand, Pop. Antiq. (1849, vol, i. p. 441), says, that the custom of barring-out was practised in other places towards Christmas time, e.g., at the school of Houghton-le-Spring, in the county of Durham.
Among the statutes of the grammar-school founded at Kilkenny, in Ireland, March 18, 1684, in Vallancey's Collec­tanea de Rebus Hibernicis, vol. ii. p. 512, is the following:
" In the number of stubborn and refractory lads, who shall refuse to submit to the orders and correction of the said school, who are to be forthwith dismissed, and not re­admitted without due submission to exemplary punishment, and on the second offence to be discharged and expelled for ever," are reckoned, " such as shall offer to shut out the master or usher, but the master shall give them leave to break up eight days before Christmas, and three days before Easter and Whitsuntide.',
Formerly the inhabitants of Derby had a foot-ball match between the parishes of All Saints and St. Peter's; the con­flicting parties being strengthened by volunteers from the other parishes, and from the surrounding country. The bells of the different churches rang their merry peals on the morning, and gave rise to the following jingle on the five parishes of All Saints', St. Peter's, St. Werburgh's, St. Alkmund's, and St. Michael's :
w Pancakes and fritters, Say All Saints' an»l St. Peter's; When will the ball come, Say the bells of St. Alkmum; At ttro they will throw, Says Saint Werabo'; O! very well, Says little Michel"
The goal of All Saints' was the water-wheel of the nun's mill, and that of St. Peter's, on the opposite side of the town, at the gallow's balk, on the Normanton Road; the ball, which was of a very large size, was made of leather, and stuffed quite hard with shavings, and about noon was thrown
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