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Feb. 3.]                       shrove Tuesday.                              83
Shovel, tongs, and poker, Says the bells of St. PulchreV'" Baker, Northamptonshire Words and Phrases, vol. ii. p. 92.
At Earls Barton the custom of making "leek pasties " is observed. A party of shoemakers, after procuring a chaff-cutter and a quantity of leeks, proceed to the green, where they publicly chop the vegetable to the amusement of the spectators.—See Gent. Mag., 1867, 4th S. vol. iv. p. 219.
Formerly at Alnwick the waits belonging to the town used to come playing to the Castle every year on Shrove Tuesday at two o'clock p.m., when a foot-ball was thrown over the Castle walls to the populace,—Brand, Pop. Antiq., 1849, vol. i. p. 92.
At Aspley Old Hall, in days gone by, butter and lard, fire and frying-pans were provided for all the poor families of Wollaston, Trowell, and Cossall, who chose to come and eat their pancakes at this mansion. The only conditions attached to the feast were, that no quarrelling should take place, and that each wife and mother should fry for her own family, and that when the cake needed turning in the pan, the act should be performed by tossing it in the air and catching it again in the pan with the uncooked side downwards. And many were the roars of laughter which took place among the merry groups in the kitchen, at the mishaps which occurred in the perform­ance of this feast, in which his Honour and Madam joined.
In addition to the pancakes, each man was allowed a (part of good ale, women a pint, and children a gill.— Sutton, Nottingham Date Book, 1852, p. 75.
There is a curious tradition existing in Mansfield, Wood-house, Bulwell, and several other villages near Sherwood Forest, as to the origin of pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Tho inhabitants of any of the villages will inform the questioner that when the Danes got to Linby all the Saxon men of the
* The church of St. Sepulchre ia often calkd " Pulchre's " in Northampton.
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