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[MaRCH 19.
fifty-two aged men and fifty-two aged women, the number of each one corresponding with the age of her most gracious Majesty.
At three o'clock a procession, consisting of a detachment of the yeomen of the guard under the command of a ser­geant-major (one of the yeomen carrying the royal alms on a gold salver), the Eev. Dr. Jelf, D.D., Sub-Almoner, Mr. Joseph Hanby, Secretary and Yeoman of the Royal Almonry, and his Assistant, Ma John Hanby, accompanied by senior children from the National Schools in the parish of St. John the Evangelist and St. Margaret, Westminster, who had been selected to participate in this privilege for their good conduct, proceeded from the Almonry office, in Scotland Yard, to the Chapel Eoyal, Whitehall.
The arrival of the procession having been signified to the Hon. and Very Eev. the Dean of Windsor, Lord High Almoner, and to the Sub-Dean of the Chapels Eoyal, they, preceded by Mr. Chapman, Sergeant of the Vestry, met it at the entrance, and took their places immediately after the yeoman of the guard bearing the salver with the royal alms.
The whole procession then advanced in the following order:
Boys of the Chnprl Royal,
Gentlemen of the Chapel Royal,
Priests of the Chapel Royal,
Sergeant-Major of the Yeomen of the Guard,
The Yeoman with the Salver of A Imp,
The Sergeant of the Vestry,
The Lord High Almoner,
The Sub-Almoner and Sub-Dean,
The Children of the National Schools,
The Yeoman of the Almonry mid his Assistant,
And the Yeomen of the Guard.
The procession having passed up the centre aisle to the steps of the altar, the Lord Almoner, the Sub-Almoner, and the Sub-Dean, and those forming the procession having taken their assigned places on either side of the chapel, the royal alms being deposited in front of the royal closet, the after­noon service (a special service for the occasion) was read by the Rev. Dr. Vivian, senior priest in waiting, commencing
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