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March 19.]                  chare Thursday.                              115
with the Exhortation, Confession, Absolution, &c. Then followed the
41st PSALM (The Grand Chant). FIRST LESSON, St. MATTHEW, Chap. xxv. 14-31.
First Anthem (Psalm xxxiv.)—'' O taste and see how gracious the
Lord is."................Goss.
£1. 158. distributed to each woman. To each man, shoes and stockings.
Second Anthem." 0 Saviour of the world.".....Goss
Woollen and linen clothes distributed to each man.
Third Anthem.—" I waited for the Lord." . . . Mendelssohn
Money purses distributed to each man and woman.
SECOND LESSON, St. MATTHEW, Chap. xxv. v. 31, to the end.
Fourth Anthem (Psalm xxi.)—"The king shall rejoice in thy strength.".........               .... Greene.
Then were read two prayers composed for the occasion, after which followed the prayer for the Queen, and so on to the end."
The minor bounty and royal gate arms, &c, were, in accordance with ancient usage, distributed at the Almonry Office, in Scotland Yard, on Friday and Saturday in the past week, and on Monday and Tuesday during the current week, to aged, disabled, and meritorious persons who had been previously recommended by the clergy of the various parishes in and round London.
There were over four thousand persons relieved.
The selections were made by the Lord High Almoner, assisted by the Rev. Dr. J elf, D.D. The payments were conducted by Mr. Joseph Hanby, secretary and yeoman of Her Majesty's Almonry in ordinary, who has officiated on these occasions since Easter, 1812, inclusive.—See also the True Briton, 1801.
In Nares' Glossary (1859, vol. i. p. 151) occurs the following article:
" Chare Thursday.—The Thursday in Passion week, cor­rupted, according to the following ancient explanation, from Shear Thursday, being the day for shearing, or shaving, prepa­ratory to Easter. Called also Maundy Thursday :
" 4 Upon Chare Thursday Christ brake bread unto his dis-
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