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194                              ST. George's day.                   [April 23.
hall, and round about the court hard by the gate, certain of the Knights of the Garter accompanying him, viz., the Lord Mountagu, the Lord Admiral St. Anthony St. Leger, the Lord Cobham, the Lord Dacre, Sir Thomas Cheyne, the Lord Paget, the Earl of Pembroke, the Earl of Arundel, the Lord Treasurer, and Secretary Petre, in a robe of crimson velvet, with the garter embroidered on his shoulder (as Chan­cellor of the Garter). One bare a rod of black, and a doctor the book of records. Then went all the heralds, and then the Lord Talbot bare the sword, and after him the sergeant-at-arms. And then came the king, the Queen's grace looking out of a window beside the court on the garden side. And the bishop of Winchester did execute the mass, wearing his mitre. The same afternoon were chosen three Knights of the Garter, viz., the Lord Fitz-Water, the deputy of Ireland; Lord Grey of Wilton, deputy of Guynes; and Sir Robert Rochester, comptroller of the Queen's house. After, the duke of Muscovia (as that ambassador was usually termed) came through the hall and the guard stood on a row, in their rich coats, with halberts; and so passed up to the Queen's chamber, with divers aldermen and merchants. And after came down again to the chapel to evensong, to see the cere­monies. And immediately came the king, (the Lord Strange bearing the sword), and the Knights of the Garter, to even­song, which done, they went all up to Ihe chamber of presence. After came the ambassador, and took his barge to London.*
The following is a curious account of the expenses for decorating a figure of St. George on this day, taken from Coates's History of Reading, p. 221 :
" Charge of Saynt George.
"First payd for iij caffes-skynes, and ij horse-skynnes, iijs. vjm.
" Payd for makeying the loft that Saynt George standeth upon, vjd-
" Payd for ij plonks for the same loft, viijd#
* See also Machyn's Diary, 1818, p. 195.
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