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196                                 ST. george's day.                    [April 23.
faire silver cuppe, of the value of £8, as I suppose, it may be more worth, and the race to be altered, viz., from beyonde the New-tower a great distance, and soe to rune five times from that place rownd about tho Rood-dee, and he that overcame all the rest the last course, to have the cup freely for ever, then and there delivered, which is continued to this daye. But here 1 must not omitt the charge, and the solem-nitie made, the first St. George's daye; he had a poet, one Mr. Davies, who made speeches and poeticale verses, which were delivered at the high crosse before the mayor and aldermen, with shewes of his invention,* which booke was imprinted and
* The following description of this show, written as it appears by Mr. Amorye himself, is copied from some Cheshire collections, among the HarleLtn MSS. No. 2150, f. 356. It appears that instead of three cups, as stated by Mr. Rogers, the prizes that year were two bells and one cup:
" The manner of the showe, that is, if God spare life and health, shall be seene by all the behoulders upon St. George's Day next, bung the 23rd April, 1610, and the same with more addytions to continue, being for the kyng s crowne and dignitie, and the homage to the Kyng and Prynce, with that noble victor St. George, to be continued for ever. —God save the Kyng.
" Item.—Two men in greene liveries set with worke upon their other habit, with blacke heare, and blacke beards, very ougly to behoulde, and garlands upon their heads, with firworks to scatter abroad, to maintaine way for the rest of the showe,
" It. One on horseback, with the buckler and head-peece of St. George, and three men to guide him, with a drum before him, for the honor of Englande.
" It. One on horsebacke, called Fame, with a trumpet in his hand, and three mtn to guide him, and he to make an oration, with his habii iu pompe.
" It. One called Mercury to descend from above in a cloude, his wings and all other matters, in pompe, and heavenly musicke with him; and after his oration spoken, to ryde on horsebacke, with his musicke before hym.
"It One on horsebacke, with the Kynge's arms upon a shield, in pompe.
"It. One called Chester, with an oration, and drums before him, his habit in pompe.
"It. One on horsebacke, conteeningthe Kynge's crowne and dignity, with an oration in pompe.
"It. One on horseba^ke with a bell, dedicated to the kynge, bein double-gilt with the kynge'a amies upon it, carried upon a septer in I ompe, and before him a noise of trumpets, in pompe.
" It One on horsebacke, with an oration, for the Prynce, in pompe.
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