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310                                ST. BARNABAS' DAY.                    [JUNK 11
the rent whereof was to be applied annually to give them a dinner wherewith to commemorate Stephen Duck the poet, who was originally a thrasher of Charlton. The parish of Eushall was afterwards inclosed, and by the award date, 12th January, 1804, apiece of arable land, measuring one acre and fifteen poles, was awarded in a different part of Eushall Field. The land is now called Duck's Acre, and let at a rent of £2 9$. 9d. per annum. The land tax, amounting to 3s. per annum, was reduced by a subscription raised in the parish.
The rent is paid for a dinner, which is annually given on the 1st June, to the thrashers of this parish.—Old English Customs and Charities, p. 169.
June 9.]                            IRELAND.
Clonmany, Co. Donegal.
The titular saint of this parish is Columblrill. The 9th of June is his festival day, and formerly on this day many of the inhabitants drove down their cattle to the beach, and swam them in that part of the sea into which runs the water of St. Columb's Well—Masons Stat Ace. of Ireland, 1814, vol. i. p. 185.
June ii.]               ST. BARNABAS' DAY.
On the feast of St. Barnabas it seems to have been usual to decorate some churches with garlands of flowers. Bi*and (1849, vol. i. 293) quotes the following disbursements from the Churchwardens', Accounts of St. Mary-at-Hill, London, in the reigns of Edward IV. and Henry VII.:—
" For Eose garlondis and Woodrove garlondis on St. Barnabe's Daye, xjd#
" Item, for two doss' (dozen ?) di bocse (box) garlands for prestes and clerkes on St. Barnabe Daye, j8# xdi"
Hesket, an extensive parish in this county, is noted for the singular circumstance of the Court of Inglewood Forest (in
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