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July 20.]                 st. Margaret's day.                            343
July 20.]            ST. MARGARET'S DAY.
On the feast of St. Margaret in 1511, the Miracle Play of the Holy Martyr St. George was acted on a stage in an open field at Bassingborne in Cambridgeshire, at which there were a minstrel and three waits hired from Cambridge, with a property-man and a painter. The following extract from an old churchwarden's book belonging to the parish of Bas­singborne, gives the various subscriptions and expenses connected with it:—
Memorandum:—Eeceived at the play held on St. Mar­garet's day, a.d. MDXL, in Basingborn of the holy martyr St. George.
Eeceived of the Township of Eoyston xii8, Tharfield vi-viiid, Melton Vs iiiid, Lillington xs vid, Whaddon ivs iiiid, Steeplemenden iiii8, Barly ivs id, Ashwell iiii3, Abingdon iii9 ivd, Orwell iii8, Wendy ii8 ixd, Wimpole ii8 viid, Meldreth ii8 iv*, Arrington ii8 ivd, Shepretb ii8 ivd, Kelsey ii8 vd, Willing-ton i8 xd, Fulmer i8 viiid, Gilden Morden i8, Tadlow is, Croydon is id, Hattey xd, Wratlingworth ixd, Hastingfield ixd, Barkney viiid, Foxten ivd, Kneesnorth vid.
Item received of the town of Bassingborn on the Monday and Friday after the play, together with other comers on the Monday, xiv8 vd.
Item received on the Wednesday after the play, with a pot of ale at Kneesnorth, all costs deducted, i8 viid.
Expenses of the said Play.
First paid to the garnement man for garnements and propyrts and playbooks, xxs.
To a minstrel and three waits of Cambridge for the Wednesday, Saturday, and Monday. Two of them the first day, and three the other days, vs xid#
Item in expences on the Players, when the play was shewed, in bread and ale and for other vittails at Eoyston for those players, iii8 iid.
Item in expences on the play day for the bodies of vi. sheep, xxiid each, ixs iid.
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