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412                               GUNPOWDER PLOT.                           [NoY. 5.
In some parts of the north of England the following song is sung:
" Happy was the man, And happy was the day, That caught Guy Going to his play, With a dark lanthorn And a brimstone match Ready for the prime to touch.
As 1 was going through the dark entry
I spied the devil.
Stand back ! Stand back !
Queen Mary's daughter.
Put your hand in your pocket,
And give us some money
To kindle our bonfire. Hurrah."
Brand's Pop. Antiq. 1849, vol. i. p. 398.
The rhyme formerly sung in many parts of this county is
as below:
" Remember, remember, Th' fifth o' November, Th' gunpowder plot, Shall ne'er be forgot! Pray gi's a bit o' coal, Ter stick in th' bun-fire hole I A stick an' a stake, For King George's sakeó A stowp an' a reel, Or else wey'll steal."
Long Ago, 1873, vol. L p. 338.
In this county the following quaint rhyme was sung on the anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot:
" Remember, remember The fifth o' November ! Guy and his companions' plot: We're going to blow the Parliament up! By God's mercy we wase catcht, With a dark lantern an' lighted matcht! *
Long Ago, 1873, vol. i. p. 338.
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