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Nov. 3c]                     st. Andrew's day.                             420
Clement was a good man,
For his sake give us some,
Not of the worse, but some of the best,
And God will send your soul to rest.'*
The Chapter of Worcester have a practice of preparing ai rich bowl of wine and spices, called the " Cathern bowl," for the inhabitants of the college upon this day.—Halliwell's Popular Bhymes, 1849, p. 238; see N. & Q. 2nd S. vol. iv. pp. 4(J5, 496.
Nov. 30.]                 ST. ANDKEW'S DAY.
The commencement ot the ecclesiastical year is regulated by the feast of St. Andrew, the nearest Sunday to which, whether before or after, constitutes the first Sunday in Advent, or the period of four weeks which heralds the approach of Christmas. St. Andrew's Day is thus sometimes the first and sometimes the last festival in the Christian Year.—Book of Days, vol ii. p. 636.
Hasted, in his History of Kent (vol. ii. p. 757), speaking of the parish of Eastling, says that, on St. Andrew's Day, there is a yearly diversion called squirrel-hunting in this and the neighbouring parishes, when the labourers and lower kind of people, assembling together, form a lawless rabble, and being accoutred with guns, poles, clubs and other such weapons, spend the greater part of the day in parading through the woods and grounds, with loud shoutings, and under pretence of demolishing the squirrels, some few of which they kill, they destroy numbers of hares, pheasants, partridges, and, in short, whatever comes in their way, breaking down the hedges, and doing much other mischief, and, in the evening betaking themselves to the ale-houses, finish their career there as is usual with such sort of gentry.
Strype, in his Ecclesiastical Memorials (1822, vol. iii. pt. ii. p. 21), says :—" The 30th November [1557] being St. Andrew's
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