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Dec]                                picrous day.                                  431
The 25th Sunday after Trinity is called by the schoolboys " Stir Up Sunday,'5 from the collect used on that day; and they repeat the following lines without considering their irreverent application:
" Stir up, we beseech thee, The pudding in the pot, And when we get home, We'll eat it all hot." Brand's Pop. Anttq. 1859, vol. i. p. 414; See Times, November 25th, 1863.
Advent Bells.—Advent bells are rung in many parishes throughout various parts of England during the month of December. A correspondent of N. & Q- (1st S. vol. i. p. 21) says that, in his neighbourhood—on the western borders of Berks—he has heard their merry peals break gladsomely upon the dark stillness of the cold evening from many a steeple round.
Isle of Man.
Train, in his History of the Isle of Man (1845, vol. ii. p. 127), says, that the fiddlers go round from house to house, in the latter part of the night for two or three weeks before Christmas, playing a tune called the Andisop. On their way they stop before particular houses, wish the inmates indi­vidually " good morning," call the hour, then report the state of the weather, and after playing an air, move on to the next halting-place.
The second Thursday before Christmas Day is a festival observed by the tinners of the district of Blackmore, and
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