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He dropped half a foot, and crashed into the middle of a mouse dinner party, breaking three glasses."Who in the world is this?" inquired Johnny Town-mouse. But after the first exclamation of surprise he instantly recovered his manners.
With the utmost politeness he
introduced Timmy Willie to nine
other mice, all with long tails and
white neckties. Timmy Willie's
own tail was insignificant.
Johnny Town-mouse and his
friends noticed it; but they were
too well bred to make personal
remarks; only one of them asked
Timmy Willie if he had ever been
in a trap?
The dinner was of eight courses; not much of anything, but truly
elegant. All the dishes were
unknown to Timmy Willie, who
would have been a little afraid of
tasting them; only he was very
hungry, and very anxious to
behave with company manners.
The continual noise upstairs
made him so nervous, that he
dropped a plate. "Never mind,
they don't belong to us," said