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Now Tommy Brock did occasionally eat rabbit-pie; but it was only
very little young ones occasionally, when other food was really
scarce. He was friendly with old Mr. Bouncer; they agreed in
disliking] the wicked otters and Mr. Tod; they often talked over that
painful subject.
Old Mr. Bouncer was stricken in years. He sat in the spring sunshine outside the burrow, in a muffler; smoking a pipe of rabbit
He lived with his son Benjamin Bunny and his daughter-in-law Flopsy, who had a young family. Old Mr. Bouncer was in charge of the family that afternoon, because Benjamin and Flopsy had gone
The little rabbit-babies were just old enough to open their blue eyes
and kick. They lay in a fluffy bed of rabbit wool and hay, in a
shallow burrow, separate from the main rabbit hole. To tell the
truth—old Mr. Bouncer had forgotten them.