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"Which way? which way has he gone, Cousin Peter?"
"He had a sack with something 'live in it; I watched him set a mole trap. Let me use my mind, Cousin Benjamin; tell me from the
beginning." Benjamin did so.
"My Uncle Bouncer has displayed a lamentable want of discretion
for his years;" said Peter reflectively, "but there are two hopeful
circumstances. Your family is alive and kicking; and Tommy Brock
has had refreshment. He will probably go to sleep, and keep them
for breakfast." "Which way?" "Cousin Benjamin, compose yourself. I
know very well which way. Because Mr. Tod was at home in the
stick-house he has gone to Mr. Tod's other house, at the top of Bull
Banks. I partly know, because he offered to leave any message at
Sister Cottontail's; he said he would be passing." (Cottontail had
married a black rabbit, and gone to live on the hill).