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Cottontail had seen Tommy Brock passing in the distance. Asked
whether her husband was at home she replied that Tommy Brock
had rested twice while she watched him.
He had nodded, and pointed to the sack, and seemed doubled up with laughing.—"Come away, Peter; he will be cooking them; come
quicker!" said Benjamin Bunny.
They climbed up and up;—"He was at home; I saw his black ears
peeping out of the hole." "They live too near the rocks to quarrel
with their neighbours. Come on, Cousin Benjamin!"
When they came near the wood at the top of Bull Banks, they went
cautiously. The trees grew amongst heaped up rocks; and there,
beneath a crag—Mr. Tod had made one of his homes. It was at the
top of a steep bank; the rocks and bushes overhung it. The rabbits
crept up carefully, listening and peeping.