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They could not open the window; and although the young family
was alive—the little rabbits were quite incapable of letting
themselves out; they were not old enough to crawl.
After much whispering, Peter and Benjamin decided to dig a tunnel.
They began to burrow a yard or two lower down the bank. They
hoped that they might be able to work between the large stones
under the house; the kitchen floor was so dirty that it was
impossible to say whether it was made of earth or flags.
They dug and dug for hours. They could not tunnel straight on account of stones; but by the end of the night they were under the
kitchen floor. Benjamin was on his back, scratching upwards.
Peter's claws were worn down; he was outside the tunnel, shuffling
sand away. He called out that it was morning—sunrise; and that the
jays were making a noise down below in the woods.