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Suddenly round a corner, she met Babbitty Bumbleó"Zizz, Bizz, Bizzz!" said the bumble bee.
Mrs. Tittlemouse looked at her severely. She wished that she had a broom.
"Good-day, Babbitty Bumble; I
should be glad to buy some
beeswax. But what are you doing
down here? Why do you always
come in at a window, and say
Zizz, Bizz, Bizzz?" Mrs. Tittlemouse began to get cross.
"Zizz, Wizz, Wizzz!" replied
Babbitty Bumble in a
peevish squeak. She sidled
down a passage, and
disappeared into a
storeroom which had been
used for acorns.
Mrs. Tittlemouse had eaten the acorns before Christmas; the storeroom ought to have been empty.
But it was full of untidy dry moss.