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Mrs. tittlemouse began to
pull out the moss. Three or
four other bees put their
heads out, and buzzed
"I am not in the habit of letting lodgings; this is an intrusion!" said Mrs. Tittlemouse. "I will have them
turned out—" "Buzz! Buzz! Buzzz!"—"I wonder who would help me?" "Bizz, Wizz, Wizzz!"
—"I will not have Mr. Jackson; he never wipes his feet."
Mrs. tittlemouse decided to leave the bees till after dinner.
When she got back to the parlour, she heard some one coughing in a fat voice; and there sat
Mr. Jackson himself!
He was sitting all over a
small rocking-chair,
twiddling his thumbs and
smiling, with his feet on
the fender.
He lived in a drain below the hedge, in a very dirty wet ditch.