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Duchess was quite delighted with her own cleverness!
Ribby in the meantime had received Duchess's answer, and as soon as she was sure that the little dog could come—she popped her pie
into the oven. There were two ovens, one above the other; some other knobs and handles were only ornamental and not intended to open. Ribby put the pie into the lower oven; the door was very stiff.
"The top oven bakes too quickly," said Ribby to herself. "It is a pie of
the most delicate and tender mouse minced up with bacon. And I
have taken out all the bones; because Duchess did nearly choke
herself with a fish-bone last time I gave a party. She eats a little
fast—rather big mouthfuls. But a most genteel and elegant little
dog; infinitely superior company to Cousin Tabitha Twitchit."