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Ribby set the pie upon the table; there was a very savoury smell.
Duchess came out from under the table-cloth munching sugar, and
sat up on a chair.
"I will first cut the pie for you; I am going to have muffin and
marmalade," said Ribby.
"Do you really prefer muffin? Mind the patty-pan!"
"I beg your pardon?" said Ribby.
"May I pass you the marmalade?" said Duchess hurriedly.
The pie proved extremely toothsome, and the muffins light and hot. They disappeared rapidly, especially the pie!
"I think"(thought the Duchess to herself)"I think it would be
wiser if I helped myself to pie; though Ribby did not seem to notice
anything when she was cutting it. What very small fine pieces it has
cooked into! I did not remember that I had minced it up so fine; I
suppose this is a quicker oven than my own."