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"There most certainly is not one, my dear Duchess. I disapprove of
tin articles in puddings and pies. It is most undesirable—(especially
when people swallow in lumps!)" she added in a lower voice.
Duchess looked very much alarmed, and continued to scoop the
inside of the pie-dish.
"My Great-aunt Squintina (grandmother of Cousin Tabitha
Twitchit)—died of a thimble in a Christmas plum-pudding. I never
put any article of metal in my puddings or pies."
Duchess looked aghast, and tilted up the pie-dish.
"I have only four patty-pans, and they are all in the cupboard."
Duchess set up a howl.
"I shall die! I shall die! I have swallowed a patty-pan! Oh, my dear
Ribby, I do feel so ill!"
"It is impossible, my dear Duchess; there was not a patty-pan."
Duchess moaned and whined and rocked herself about.
"Oh I feel so dreadful, I have swallowed a patty-pan!"
"There was nothing in the pie," said Ribby severely.
"Yes there was, my dear Ribby, I am sure I have swallowed it!"
"Let me prop you up with a pillow, my dear Duchess; where do you
think you feel it?"