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She sat down again, and stared mournfully at the grate. The fire crackled and danced, and something sizz-z-zled!
Duchess started! She opened the door of the top oven; out came a
rich steamy flavour of veal and ham, and there stood a fine brown
pie,—and through a hole in the top of the pie-crust there was a
glimpse of a little tin patty-pan!
Duchess drew a long breath—
"Then I must have been eating MOUSE!... No wonder I feel ill.... But perhaps I should feel worse if I had really swallowed a patty-pan!"
Duchess reflected—"What a very awkward thing to have to explain
to Ribby! I think I will put my pie in the back-yard and say nothing about it. When I go home, I will run round and take it away." She put it outside the back-door, and sat down again by the fire, and
shut her eyes; when Ribby arrived with the doctor, she seemed fast
"Gammon, ha, HA?" said the doctor.
"I am feeling very much better," said Duchess, waking up with a