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"I am truly glad to hear it! He has brought you a pill, my dear
"I think I should feel quite well if he only felt my pulse," said Duchess, backing away from the magpie, who sidled up with
something in his beak.
"It is only a bread pill, you had much better take it; drink a little
milk, my dear Duchess!"
"Gammon? Gammon?" said the doctor, while Duchess coughed and
"Don't say that again!" said Ribby, losing her temper—"Here, take this bread and jam, and get out into the yard!"
"Gammon and Spinach! ha ha HA!" shouted Dr. Maggotty triumphantly outside the back door.
"I am feeling very much better my dear Ribby," said Duchess. "Do you not think that I had better go home before it gets dark?"
"Perhaps it might be wise, my dear Duchess. I will lend you a nice warm shawl, and you shall take my arm."
"I would not trouble you for worlds; I feel wonderfully better. One
pill of Dr. Maggotty—"