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"Indeed it is most admirable, if it has cured you of a patty-pan! I will call directly after breakfast to ask how you have slept."
Ribby and Duchess said goodbye affectionately, and Duchess
started home. Half-way up the lane she stopped and looked back;
Ribby had gone in and shut her door. Duchess slipped through the
fence, and ran round to the back of Ribby's house, and peeped into
the yard.
Upon the roof of the pig-stye sat Dr. Maggotty and three jackdaws. The jackdaws were eating pie-crust, and the magpie was drinking
gravy out of a patty-pan.
"Gammon, ha, HA!" he shouted when he saw Duchess's little black
nose peeping round the corner.
Duchess ran home feeling uncommonly silly!
When Ribby came out for a pailful of water to wash up the tea-things, she found a pink and white pie-dish lying smashed in the middle of the yard. The patty-pan was under the pump, where Dr.
Maggotty had considerately left it.