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Now all day long while the tailor was out at work, Simpkin kept house by himself; and he also was fond of the mice, though he gave
them no satin for coats!
"Miaw?" said the cat when the tailor opened the door. "Miaw?"
The tailor repliedó"Simpkin, we shall make our fortune, but I am
worn to a ravelling. Take this groat (which is our last fourpence) and
Simpkin, take a china pipkin; buy a penn'orth of bread, a penn'orth
of milk and a penn'orth of sausages. And oh, Simpkin, with the last
penny of our fourpence buy me one penn'orth of cherry-coloured
silk. But do not lose the last penny of the fourpence, Simpkin, or I
am undone and worn to a thread-paper, for I have