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When these stumps were full, they began to empty the bags into a
hole high up a tree, that had belonged to a wood-pecker; the nuts
rattled downódownódown inside.
"How shall you ever get them out again? It is like a money-box!" said
"I shall be much thinner before spring-time, my love," said Timmy
Tiptoes, peeping into the hole.
They did collect quantitiesóbecause they did not lose them!
Squirrels who bury their nuts in the ground lose more than half,
because they cannot remember the place.
The most forgetful squirrel in the wood was called Silvertail. He began to dig, and he could not remember. And then he dug again and found some nuts that did not belong to him; and there was a
fight. And other squirrels began to dig,óthe whole wood was in