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Goody Tiptoes picked up the nut bags and went home. She made a cup of tea for Timmy; but he didn't come and didn't come.
Goody Tiptoes passed a lonely and unhappy night. Next morning she ventured back to the nut-bushes to look for him; but the other
unkind squirrels drove her away.
She wandered all over the wood, calling—
"Timmy Tiptoes! Timmy Tiptoes! Oh, where is Timmy Tiptoes?"
In the meantime Timmy Tiptoes came to his senses. He found
himself tucked up in a little moss bed, very much in the dark,
feeling sore; it seemed to be under ground. Timmy coughed and
groaned, because his ribs hurted him. There was a chirpy noise,
and a small striped Chipmunk appeared with a night light, and
hoped he felt better?
It was most kind to Timmy Tiptoes; it lent him its night-cap; and the
house was full of provisions.