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Selections From The Old And New Testaments in Simple English.

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Hearing not the voice of masters. There the small and great are gathered, There the slave is free at last."
Then Eliphaz, the Temanite, answered:
"If one dares to speak, will it vex you? But who can keep from speaking? See! you have instructed many, And strengthened the drooping hands. Your words have upheld the fallen, Giving strength to tottering knees. But now that trouble comes, you are impatient, Now that it touches you, you lose courage.
"Is not your religion your confidence; Your blameless life, your hope? Remember ! What innocent man ever perished ? Or where were the upright ever destroyed ? Happy the man whom God corrects; Therefore, spurn not the Almighty's chastening. For he causes pain but to comfort, And wounds, that his hands may heal."
Then Job answered:
"What strength have I, that I should endure? And what is my future, that I should be patient? Is my strength the strength of stones, Or is my body made of brass? A friend should be kind to one fainting, Though he lose his faith in the Almighty. Teach me, and I will keep silent. Show me how I have sinned."
Then Bildad, the Shuhite, answered:
"Is God a God of injustice? Or can the Almighty do wrong ? If your children sinned against him, He has let them suffer the penalty; But you should earnestly seek him,
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