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Selections From The Old And New Testaments in Simple English.

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And devoutly beseech the Almighty. If you are pure and upright, He will surely answer your prayer, And will prosper your righteous abode.*9
Then Job answered:
"To be sure, I know that it is so; But how can a man be just before God? He is wise in mind and mighty in strength, Who has ever defied him and prospered, Blameless I am! I regard not myself; I hate my life; it is all one to me. Therefore, I openly declare: He destroys the blameless as well as the wicked.
Then Zophar, the Naamathite, answered:
"If you would cleanse your heart, And stretch out your hands to God, And put away sin from your hand, And let no wrong dwell in your tent, You would then lift your face without spot, You would then be steadfast and fearless."
Then Job answered:
"Verily you are the people, And with you wisdom shall die! But I have a mind as well as you, And who does not know all this? Oh, that my words were now written, That they were inscribed in a book, That with an iron pen and with lead In rock they were carved forever!
"For I know that my Defender lives, That at last he shall stand upon earth; And after this skin is destroyed, Freed from my flesh, I shall see him, Whom I shall behold for myself; My own eyes shall see, and no stranger's."
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