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Selections From The Old And New Testaments in Simple English.

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Job again spoke and said:
"Oh, to be as in months of old, As in days when God guarded my steps, When his lamp shone above my head, And I walked by his light through the darkness; As I was in my prosperous days, When God protected my tent; When still the Almighty was with me, And my children were all about me!
"When I went to the gate of the city, And took my seat in the open, The youths, when they saw me, retired, And the aged rose up and stood; The princes refrained from talking, And laid their hands on their mouths; The voices of nobles were hushed, And their tongues stuck fast to their palates.
"He who heard of me called me happy, He who saw me bore me witness, For I saved the poor who cried, And the orphan with none to help him. The suffering gave me their blessing, And I made the widow's heart glad.
"Eyes was I to the blind, Feet was I to the lame, And a father to those who were needy. I defended the cause of the stranger, I shattered the jaws of the wicked, And wrested the prey from his teeth.
"Men listened to me eagerly, And in silence awaited my counsel. After my words they spoke not, And my speech fell as rain-drops upon them. But they sing of me now in derision, And my name is a by-word among them.
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