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Selections From The Old And New Testaments in Simple English.

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"Oh, for some one to hear me! Behold my defense all signed! Let now the Almighty answer, Let Jehovah write the charge ! On my shoulder I would bear it, As a crown I would bind it round me; I would tell him my every act; Like a prince I would enter his presence!"
Then out of the whirlwind Jehovah answered Job:
" Where were you when I founded the earth ? You have knowledge and insight, so tell me. You must know! WTho determined its measures? Or who measured it off with a line? On what were its foundations placed? Or who laid its corner-stone, When the morning stars all sang together, And the sons of God shouted for joy?
" Can you lift up your voice to the clouds, That abundance of water may answer you ? Can you send on their missions the lightnings; To you do they say, ' Here we are' ?
"Does the hawk soar because of your wisdom, And stretch her wings to the south wind ? Does the eagle mount up at your bidding, And build her nest on high?
"Will the fault-finder strive with Almighty? He who argues with God, let him answer. Will you set aside my judgment, And condemn me, that you may be justified?"
Then Job answered the Lord:
"How small I am! what can I answer? I lay my hand on my mouth. I spoke once, but will do so no more; Yes, twice, but will go no further.
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