THE CHILDREN'S BIBLE - complete online book

Selections From The Old And New Testaments in Simple English.

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Bless the Lord, O my soul!
O Lord, my God, thou art great;
Thou art clothed with glory and majesty,
Thou hast put on light as a mantle;
Thou hast stretched the heavens like a tent,
Thou framest thy upper stories in the waters, Thou makest the clouds thy chariot, Thou ridest on the wings of the wind, Thou makest winds thy messengers, Flames of fire are thy servants.
Thou didst fix the earth on its foundations,
That it should not be moved forever.
Thou didst cover it with the sea as with a garment.
The waters stood far above the mountains,
But at thy reproof they fled,
At the sound of thy thunder they hastened away,
Not to pass the bound thou hadst set,
Not to return to cover the earth.
Mountains rose, valleys sank,
To the place which thou hadst prepared for them.
Thou sendest the springs to the valleys, They run down between the mountains, They give drink to every wild beast, The wild asses quench their thirst. The birds make their home beside them, They sing from among the branches.
Thou waterest the mountains from thine upper stories; The earth is filled with the fruit of thy works. Thou makest grass spring up for the cattle, And green herbs for the service of man, Causing food to spring from the earth, Wine to gladden man's heart, Oil that makes his face shine, And bread to strengthen his heart.
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