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Selections From The Old And New Testaments in Simple English.

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For he is the Lord our God,
And we are his people, the sheep of his pasture.
Shout with joy to the Lord, all the earth, Serve the Lord with gladness, Come into his presence with singing, Know that the Lord is God, He has made us and we are his, His people, the flock that he tends.
Enter his gates with thanksgiving, His courts with songs of rejoicing, Give thanks to him, praise his name, He is good, his kindness eternal, And his faithfulness unto all generations.
O Lord, who may be a guest in thy tent? Who may dwell on thy holy hill?
He who lives blamelessly and does right,
And speaks the truth in his heart,
Who utters no slander with his tongue,
Who does no wrong to his friend,
Who makes no charge against his neighbor;
In whose sight the vile are despised,
But he honors those who revere the Lord.
He keeps his oath at all costs,
His money he puts not out to usury,
And cannot be bribed to injure the innocent.
He who does this can never be moved.
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