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The Observance Of Christmas In Various Lands And Ages.

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emotions. Often these carols are of the most rustic character and in the broadest dialect. They breathe forth a great kindliness and homeliness, and one could fill pages with quotations. Two more short extracts must, however, suffice to show their quality.
How warm and hearty is their feeling for the Child :
" Du herzliabste Muater, gib Acht auf dos Kind, Es is ja gar frostig, thuas einfatschen gschwind. Und du alter Voda, decks Kindlein schen zua, Sonst hats von der Kolden und Winden kan Ruah. Hiazt nemen mir Urlaub, o gettliches Kind, Thua unser gedenken, verzeich unser Siind. Es freut uns von Herzen dass d'ankomen bist ; Es h'att uns ja niemand zu helfen gewist." * *4
And what fatherly affection is here :
" Das Kind is in der Krippen glogn, So herzig und so rar ! Mei klancr Hansl war nix dgogn, Wenn a glei schener war. Kolschwarz wie d'Kirchen d'Augen sein, Sunst aber kreidenweiss ; Die Hand so hubsch recht zart und fein, I hans angriirt mit Fleiss.
Aft hats auf mi an Schmutza gmacht,
An Hoscheza darzue ;
O warst du mcin, hoan i gedacht,
Werst wol a munter Bue.
Dahoam in meiner Kachelstub
Liess i brav hoazen ein,
Do in den Stal kimt liberal
Der kalte Wind herein." t25
* "Dearest mother, take care of the Child ; it is freezing hard, wrap Him up quickly. And you, old father, tuck the little one up, or the cold and the wind will give Him no rest. Now we must take our leave, O divine Child, remember us, pardon our sins. We are heartily glad that Thou art come ; no one else could have helped us."
t "The Child is laid in the crib, so hearty and so rare ! My little Hans would be nothing by His side, were he finer than he is. Coal-black as cherries are His eyes, the
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