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The Observance Of Christmas In Various Lands And Ages.

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There was weping, there was wo, For every man to hell gan go. It was litel mery tho,
Till on the Cristmes day." 3"
But now that Christ is born, and man redeemed, one may be blithe indeed :
"Jhesus is that childes name, Maide and moder is his dame, And so oure sorow is turned to game. Gloria tibi domine.
■                                    >                                                                       
Now sitte we downe upon our knee, And pray that child that is so free ; And with gode herte now sing we Gloria tibi dot?iine." 33
Sometimes the religious spirit almost vanishes, and the carol becomes little more than a gay pastoral song :
" The shepard upon a hill he satt ; He had on him his tabard and his hat, His tarbox, his pipe, and his flagat ; His name was called Joly Joly Wat, For he was a gud herdes boy.
Qt hoy ! For in his pipe he made so much joy.
■                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 .
Whan Wat to Bedlem cum was, He swet, he had gone faster than a pace ; He found Jesu in a simpell place, Betwcn an ox and an asse. Ut hoy ! For in his pipe he made so much joy.
'Jcsu, J offer to thee here my pipe, My skirt, my tar-box, and my scripe ; Home to my telowes now will I skipe, And also look unto my shepe.' Ut hoy ! For in his pipe he made so much joy." 34
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