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The Observance Of Christmas In Various Lands And Ages.

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Ceux-la m'ont visitee Par grandc affection ; Moult me fut agreable Leur visitation." *
The influence of the " Pleiade," with its care for form, its respect for classical models, its enrichment of the French tongue with new Latin words, is shown by Jean Daniel, who also owes something to the poets of the late fifteenth century. Two stanzas may be quoted from him :
" C'est ung trcs grant mystere
Ou'ung roy de si hault pris
Vient naistre en lieu austere,
En si meschant pourpris : Le Roy de tous les bons espritz,
C'est Jesus nostre frere, Le Roy de tous les bons espritz,
Duquel sommes apris.
Saluons le doulx Jesuchrist,
Notre Dieu, notre frere, Saluons le doulx Jesuchrist,
Chantons Noel d'esprit !
En luy faisant priere,
Soyons de son party,
(Du'en sa haulte emperiere
Ayons lieu de party ; Comme il nous a droict apparty,
Jesus nostre bon frere, Comme il nous a droict apparty
Au celeste convy. Saluons, etc.
Amen. Noel."s
As for Denisot, I may give two charming verses from one of his pastorals :
" Suz, Bergiez, en campaigne, Laissez la vos troppeaux,
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