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The Observance Of Christmas In Various Lands And Ages.

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return, the family gathered round the hearth, feasting on wine and chestnuts and boudins, and singing in traditional strains the joys of Noel.
Across the Pyrenees, in Spain, the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries saw a great output of Christmas verse. Among the chief writers were Juan Lopez de Ubeda, Francisco de Ocaha, and Jose de Valdivielso.16 Their villancicos remind one of the paintings of Murillo ; they have the same facility, the same tender and graceful sentiment, without much depth. They lack the homely flavour, the quaintness that make the French and German folk-carols so delightful ; they have not the rustic tang, and yet they charm by their simplicity and sweetness.
Here are a few stanzas by Ocaiia :
" Dentro de un pobre pesebre y cobijado con heno yace Jesus Nazareno.
En el heno yace echado el hijo de Dios eterno, para librar del iniierno al hombre que hubo criado, y por matar el pecado el heno tiene por bueno nuestro Jesus Nazareno.
Esta entre dos animales que le calientan del frio, quien remedia nuestros males con su grande poderfo : es su reino y senorfo el raundo y el cielo sereno, y agora duerme en el heno.
Tiene por bueno sufrir el frio y tanta fortuna, sin tener ropa ninguna con que se abrigar ni cubrir,
65                                                     E
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