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The Observance Of Christmas In Various Lands And Ages.

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" Vom Himmel hoch " has qualities of simplicity, directness, and warm human feeling which link it to the less ornate forms of carol literature. Its first verse is adapted from a secular song ; its melody may, perhaps, have been composed by Luther himself. There is another Christmas hymn of Luther's, tooŚ"Vom Himmel kam der Engel Schar "Śwritten for use when " Vom Himmel hoch" was thought too long, and he also composed additional verses for the mediaeval " Gelobet seist du, Jesu Christ."
"Gelobet seist du, Jesu Christ, Dass du Mensch geboren bist Von einer Jungfrau, das ist wahr, Des freuet sich der Engel Schar. Kyrieleis !
Des ew'gen Vaters einig Kind Jetzt man in der Krippe find't, In unser armes Fleisch und Blut Verkleidet sich das ewig Gut. Kyrieleis !
My soul and life, stand up and see What lies in ane crib of tree [wood]. What Babe is that, so gude and fair ? It is Christ, Goddis Son and Heir.
O God ! that made all creature, How art Thou now become so puir, That on the hay and stray will lie, Among the asses, oxen, and kye ?
O, my dear heart, young Jesus sweet, Prepare Thy cradle in my spreit, And 1 sail rock Thee in my heart, And never mair from Thee depart
But I sail praise Thee ever moir, With sangis sweet unto Thy gloir 5 The knees of my heart sail I bow, And sing that richt Balulalow." 3°
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