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The Observance Of Christmas In Various Lands And Ages.

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The choir and people took their part in the singing ; and dancing, to the old Germans a natural accompaniment of festive song, became common around the cradle, which in time the people were allowed to rock with their own hands.47 " In dulci jubilo " has the character of a dance, and the same is true of another delightful old carol, " Lasst uns das Kindlein wiegen," still used, in a form modified by later editors, in the churches of the Rhineland. The present writer has heard it sung, very slowly, in unison, by vast congregations, and very beautiful is its mingling of solemnity, festive joy, and tender sentiment :
Two Latin hymns, " Resonet in laudibus" and "Quern pastores laudavere," 49 were also sung at the Kindelwlegen^ and
* " Let us rock the Child and bow our hearts before the crib ! Let us delight our spirits and bless the Child : sweet little Jesu ! sweet little Jesu ! . . . Let us greet His little hands and feet, His little heart of fire, and reverence Him humbly as our Lord and God ! Sweet little Jesu ! sweet little Jesu ! "
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