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The Observance Of Christmas In Various Lands And Ages.

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Maria. Now the fadyr of hefnc he mut yow yeldc !
His sone in my wombe forsothe he is ; He kepe the and thi good be fryth and ffclde !
Go we hens, husbond, for now tyme it is." IX
The scene immediately after the Nativity is delicately and reverently presented in the York cycle. The Virgin worships the Child, saluting Him thus :
" Haylc my lord God ! hayle prince of pees ! Hayle my fadir, and hayle my sone ! Hayle souereyne sege all synnes to sessc ! Hayle God and man in erth to wonne ! *
Hayle ! thurgh whos myht All this worlde was first be-gonne,
merkness t and light.
Sone, as I am sympill sugett of thyne, VowchesafFc, swete sone I pray the, That I myght the take in the[r] armys of mine, And in this poure wede to arraie the ;
Graunte me thi blisse ! As I am thy modir chosen to be
in sothfastnesse."
Joseph, who has gone out to get a light, returns, and this dialogue follows :
"Joseph. Say, Marie doghtir, what chere with the? Mary. Right goode, Joseph, as has been ay. Joseph. O Marie ! what swete thyng is that on thy kne ? Mary. It is my sone, the soth to saye,
that is so gud. Joseph. Wei is me I bade this day,
to se this foode ! \ Me merueles mekill of this light That thus-gates shynes in this place, For suth it is a selcouth § sight !
* Dwell.                                           \ Being.
t Darkness.                                     § Wonderful.
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