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The Observance Of Christmas In Various Lands And Ages.

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Naturally this avails nothing, and her husband is given a good tossing by the shepherds until they are tired out and lie down to rest. Then comes the " Gloria in excelsis " and the call of the angel :
" Ryse, hyrd men heynd ! for now is he borne That shall take fro the feynd that Adam had lorne : That warloo* to sheynd,f this nyght is he borne, God is made youre freynd : now at this morne
He behestys, At Bedlem go se, Ther lygys that fre J In a cryb fulle poorely,
Betwyx two bestys."
The shepherds wonder at the song, and one of them tries to imitate it; then they go even unto Bethlehem, and there follows the quaintest and most delightful of Christmas carols :
" Primus Pastor. Hail, comly and clene,
Hail, yong child ! Hail, maker, as I meene, Of a maden so milde! Thou has wared, § I weene,
The warlo || so wilde ; The fals giler of teen,H Now goes he begilde. Lo ! he merys,** Lo ! he laghes, my sweting. A welfare meting ! I have holden my heting.ff Have a bob of cherys !
Secundus Pastor. Hail, sufFeran Savioure,
For thou has us soght ! Hail, frely | J foyde §§ and floure,
That all thing has wroght!
Wizard.           \ Noble being.           | Warlock.          ** Grows merry,
f Shame.            § Cursed.                 H Sorrow.              ff Promise.
\\ Noble.                      §§ Child.
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