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The Observance Of Christmas In Various Lands And Ages.

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R. I turft das Ding nit noacha thoan, that mir brechn Hals und Boan."*3°
The cold is keenly brought home to us when they come to the manger :—
"y. Mei Kind, kanst kei Herberg finden ?
Muest so viel Frost leiden schoan. R. Ligst du under kalden Windeln !
Lagts ihm doch a Gwandl oan ! J. Machts ihm d'Fuess ein,
Hullts in zue fein !" t 3I
Very homely are their presents to the Child :—
" Ein drei Eier und ein Butter Bringen wir auch, nemt es an ! Einen Han zu einer Suppen, Wanns die Mutter kochen kann. Giessts ein Schmalz drein, wirds wol guet sein. Weil wir sonsten gar nix han, Sind wir selber arme Hirten, Nemts den guten Willen an." \ 32
One of the dialogues ends with a curious piece of ordinary human kindliness, as if the Divine nature of the Infant were quite forgotten for the moment:—
" J. Bleib halt fein gsund, mein kloans Liebl, Wannst woas brauchst, so komm ze mir.
7. Pfuet di G6t halt!
* " Riepl. What a noise there is. Everything seems so strange to me !
jforgl. Have the heavens fallen to-day ; are the angels flying over our field ? R.          They are leaping
y. Down from above.
R.          I couldn't do the thing ; 'twould break my neck and legs."
f " y. My child, canst find no lodging ? Must Thou bear such frost and cold ? R. Thou liest in cold swaddling-clothes ! Come, put a garment about Him ! y. Cover His feet up ; wrap Him up delicately !" J "Three eggs and some butter we bring, too 5 deign to accept it ! A fowl to make some broth if Thy mother can cook it—put some dripping in, and 'twill be good Because we've nothing else—we are but poor shepherds—accept our goodwill."
145                                              K
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