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The Customs, Ceremonies, Traditions, Superstitions, Fun, Feeling,
And Festivities Of The Christmas Season.

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52                                THE BOOK OF CHRISTMAS.
canopic, as the last yeare, or in a chare triumphall, or uppon sn:ne straunge beaste—that I reserve to you ; but the serpente with sevin heddes, cauled hidra. is the chief beast of myne amies, and wholme* (holm) bushe is the devise of my crest, my wordef is semper ferians, I alwaies feasting or keeping holie daies. Uppon Christmas daie I send a solempne ambassad* to the King's Ma'e by an herrald, a trumpet, an orator speaking in a straunge language, an interpreter, or a truchman with hym, to which p'sons ther were requiset to have convenient farnyture, which I referre to you.
" I have provided one to plaie uppon a kettell drom with his boye, and a nother drome wth a fyffe, whiche must be apparelled like turkes garments, according to the paternes I send you here­with. On St. Stephen's daie, I wold, if it were possyble, be with the King's Malie before dynner. Mr. Windham, being my Ad-myrall, is appointed to receive me beneth the brida with the King's Brigandyne, and other vessells apointed for the same pur­pose ; his desire is to have the poope of his vessell covered wth white and blew, like as I signefie to you by a nother 1".
" Sir George Howard, being my Mr. of the Horsis, rcceiveth me at my landing at Greenwiche with a spare horse and my pages of honor, one carieng my hed pece, a nother my shelde, the thirde my sword, the fourth my axe. As for their furniture I know nothing as yet provided, either for my pages or otherwise, save a hed peece that I caused to be made. My counsailo", with suche other necessarie psons yi attend upon me that daie, also must be consydered. There maie be no fewer than sixe coun­sailo" at the least; I must also have a divine, a philosopher, an astronomer, a poet, a physician, a potecarie, a m' of requests, a sivilian, a disard, John Smyth, two gentlemen ushers, besides jugglers, tomblers, fooles, friers, and suche other.
" The residue of the wholie daies I will spend in other devises : as one daie in feats of armes, and then wolde I have a challeng pformed with hobbie horsis, where I purpose to be in pson. Ano­ther daie in hunting and hawking, the residue of the tyme shalbe
* The evergreen holly is meant, a bearing peculiarly appropriate to the lord of Christmas sports, f His motto, or impress.
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