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The Customs, Ceremonies, Traditions, Superstitions, Fun, Feeling,
And Festivities Of The Christmas Season.

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96                              THE BOOK OF CHRISTMAS.
We have said that the coming festivities of the season " fling their shadows" long before :—the avaint-couriers of the old man are to be seen advancing in all directions. At home and abroad, —in town and in country—in the remote farm-stead and on the king's highway—we are met by the symptoms of his approach, and the arrangements making for his reception.
We will not dwell here on the domestic operations, which are so familiar to all—the ample provision for good cheer, which has long been making in every man's home, who can, at any time, afford to make good cheer at all. We need not remind our town-readers of the increased activity visible in all the interior depart-' ments of each establishment, and the apparent extent and compli­cation of its foreign relations;—the councils held with the house­keeper and cook—the despatches to the butcher, baker, poulterer, and confectioner, which are their consequence,—and the efficient state of preparation which is arising out of all these energetic movements. To our country-readers we need not dwell upon the slaughter of fowls in the poultry-yard, and game in the field ; or the wholesale doings within doors for the manufacture of pastry of all conceivable kinds, and in all its conceivable forms. And to neither the one nor the other is it necessary that we should speak of the packages, in every shape and size, which both are getting ready,—for the interchange, between friends, of the com­modities of their respective positions. Here, however, the town has clearly the advantage in point of gain, and the country in point of character ;—the former having little besides barrels of oysters and baskets of Billingsgate fish, to furnish to the country larders, in return for the entire range of the products of the dairy, farm-yard, and game-field.
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